Necessity is truly the mother of invention, and nothing gets this mother’s creative juices flowing faster than a toddler streaking naked through her VC work meetings.

Welcome to COVID-19, a very special nightmare that is tailored for you, in your own home. How luxurious!

After a week or two of experimenting, it’s time to get your shit ship-shape**. Finish drinking that box of wine, find some pants and take a deep breath. (**It’s always ok to sob uncontrollably later in the bathroom.)

First order of business for working from home parents who also are caring for small children: CBD gummies

Quick list of books I think your kids will love

As a former high school literacy teacher, one of the things I’m often asked by parents is how they can get their kids to enjoy reading. The kids love video games. They love iPads. They love texting. They have zero patience for reading and won’t pick up an actual book even if it’s the only entertainment available. They’d rather stare at a wall.

This can feel sad and frustrating and mystifying for parents who love reading and have filled their children’s rooms with their own favorite childhood books or the…

My chest started to get tight. It was an earwig I constantly tried to shoo out of my mind: I need to get my oil changed. It wasn’t urgent; my 2001 Volvo still ran, but my step-dad’s disapproving frown weighed heavily on my brain at times. It takes 20 minutes and if you don’t, you’ll kill your car. He’d give me $20 to go do it. Yes! (I’d agree with my internal monologue), I promise to do it that week.

I’d routinely get so serious about buckling down to do it that I’d collect oil change coupons from the value-pak…

My husband and I have traveled far and frequently with our now ten-month-old since he was born. Together, we’ve traveled between our San Francisco home and India, New York, Virginia, Seattle and Hawaii. Other parents’ eyes bug when they hear this, asking how we are still sane. Well, we barely are but the truth is that like most things, traveling with a baby gets better and better with practice.

First, change your mindset

The way you used to travel will no longer work. All the rules of the game have changed.

  • I’ve had to rewire my brain to stop traveling like a college student…

Hey ladies who wants to get personal? Like really personal. Like down to a cellular level personal?! Okay gulp, uhhh, so I’ll start. My husband and I married in our late 20s and we had a perfect plan for how to start a family and create the life we wanted. Our “perfect family plan” went off the rails early when my doctors decided I couldn’t carry a pregnancy.

As former teachers who’d always dreamed about having kids of our own, we immediately started to look for ways around this obstacle. The non-traditional options for starting a family felt like a…

Meghan Concra

Former high school teacher. Mom. Manager at Facebook (until I get funding for my daycare / petting zoo mashup featuring fat babies + bulldog puppies!)

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